My site is plain on purpose. I believe in keeping what matters and discarding the rest. Obviously inspired by Sivers's site.

Me in 30 seconds

I am a bioinformatician who loves creating web applications. Science is fun, but I like working on anything that makes the user's lives easier.

I do front-end, where you I communicate with the user thanks to the language of UX/UI. I value usability, stability and code maintainability, specially for large applications.

My code here is usually vanilla or ReactJS, and I also have some experience with D3.js.

I also deal with back-end, where the heavy lifting is usually done. My preferred tools here are Python (Django and Flask) and Node (Express).

Above all, I value learning. Experience and skill shouldn't be only measured in years but in the actions you take to continue learning.

Hey, but not everything is programming. I also enjoy reading books and growing plants using the magic of Hydroponics. Space, travelling, philosophy, games, the why of things, meditation, cats, minimalism or Japan are topics you can use to get me to talk for a while.

Web applications

I've worked on some web applications over the years. The stacks used vary a lot, as I like to test new technologies and frameworks.

Here are some of them. Torture Awareness Globe, Gene Database and CharityMatch


BRAVA - BrAPI Validator

BRAVA (BrAPI Validator) is a web application where BrAPI developers can test their servers. BrAPI is an open API developed by plant breeders so they can transfer and access data online.

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My first hackathon experience. We brought our own challenge to the hackathon: To create a site where you are matched with a charity with the same values as you.

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Gene Database

While working on my Master’s I developed a web application to browse and analyze genes of a specific family.

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O Rastreador

This is the official website made for the promotion of the book O Rastreador, by Henrique Sánchez. O Rastreador is available in portuguese and links to the book’s pages on the Brazilian and Portuguese Amazon stores.

O Rastreador screenshot

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